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Working with our clients to grow their businesses….

Established in 1999, Bishopsgate Communications is a full-service business communications consultancy, providing bespoke advice in Financial Public Relations, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications.

The consultancy has a broad portfolio of clients, both quoted and unquoted businesses, operating across a wide range of sectors and industries.

We work closely with our clients becoming, in effect, a part of the management team. As a result companies benefit from us actually contributing to their development in addition to communicating successes to the appropriate audiences. This is achieved through an integrated process to ensure that ‘everyone’ hears the same message at the same time.

While the thrust of any communications programme will be to promote an organisation nevertheless managing a company’s corporate reputation and brand perception can be increasingly critical in this litigious environment and under the media spotlight. The Bishopsgate team also has a first class track record in the area of crisis management having advised on a wide range of issues.

Client accounts are Director-led with teams comprising of ex-journalists, accountants, public relations experts, sector specialists and marketing professionals. The company also has access to a network of marketing advisers who can be brought in to assist any of our clients in their brand development.

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