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Easystaff is an international payout and withdrawal service. It’s a convenient and profitable cash management platform: the customer is free from much of the red tape of contracts and other paperwork. All you need is just one contract and a few documents online. You can expand your business abroad by concluding contracts in any country and with any client. The rest is taken care of by the employees of this company, they draw up the necessary documents, provide contracts with reference points, and generate automatic invoices for tax reporting. 

The advantage of https://easystaff.io/ is that it can cooperate with any freelancing professional, and their tax status and place of residence are irrelevant. Now employers don’t have to find workarounds to settle with remote specialists. It can all be done quickly and hassle-free. 

Advantages of EasyStaff

The main positive factor on the basis of which more and more entrepreneurs choose EasyStaff is that it takes the load off the finance department and yourself. You can concentrate entirely on your commercial activities and not on the processing of documents. So what are the benefits of using the portal?

  • Reduced paperwork. There is no need to make a formal agreement with each performer separately, pay taxes for their work and look for a way to legally register each remote employee. There is no need to prepare special reports after the work is done.
  • Decreasing tax amounts. The entrepreneur has no tax business relationship with the employee. In fact he pays a certain amount to EasyStaff. Employees of this organisation already remit all the necessary fees to the hired professionals.
  • There are no grey schemes in settlements with remote workers. All payments made through the portal are considered perfectly legal. There is no need for an entrepreneur to break the law by hiring employees who are not officially employed by the company.
  • Cooperation with any freelancer is possible. There is an opportunity to work with a person irrespective of his/her official tax references and residence address.
  • Promptness of money transfers. You do not have to wait several days for the money to be received by the freelancer. The user submits the task, and then the resource manager transfers the payment to the remote worker. Most often, the amount is credited to the account of the performer within one day.

EasyStaff charges a small fee, which is only ten percent without any tax. Therefore, if an employer wants to pay a remote worker for work done, he should add the company’s interest to the amount he is paying in his personal account. There is no permanent fee for using, so it’s perfect for one-off remittances as well as for multiple usage.

Another positive quality of working with EasyStaff is that each specialist has a personal account where all his documents will be reflected. In addition, there are no taxes to be paid for working with this company. It is also a convenient way to transfer your employees to a remote work format. 

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