Light box: a simple solution to complex advertising tasks


Any type of advertising realizes one task: attracts the attention of potential buyers to the products, goods and their manufacturers, sellers, contributes to their early promotion in the consumer market, increasing sales. Dimensional Letters Printing and production of light boxes are the most popular ways to attract customers’ attention to the store.

The effectiveness of each advertising medium marketers evaluate differently. It is believed that the greatest return is provided by a comprehensive advertising campaign. But not every customer has a sufficient budget for its implementation. Therefore, the optimization of advertising costs while improving its effectiveness is considered a top priority for specialists. In this respect, light boxes have obvious advantages.


The degree of consumer loyalty to advertising largely depends on the aesthetic component. It is well known that visual information is perceived and absorbed by human consciousness is easier and simpler than printed and audio advertising. But the form, size and color combinations are of great importance. It is easier for shop owners and other businesses to buy a light box that will attract the attention of passers-by around the clock. Neon signs perform advertising functions, while decorating and lighting the facade.


The advantages of light boxes include a variety of shapes. Such advertising media have no limitations in size or color. Shaped light boxes look bright and colorful. The popularity of lightboxes – a powerful incentive for professionals who are constantly improving the design of advertising designs. Non-standard ideas realized in light boxes are often used in creative advertising.

Places to place

Profitable light boxes are also versatile in terms of placement. This is especially true for central districts and business centers of megacities, where all promising places for advertising are already occupied. Lightboxes can be installed on facades or roofs of buildings, inside the premises. There are two types of such advertising media: mobile and stationary. Therefore, customers can choose the optimal box – depending on its functional tasks.

The materials used for the production of this type of advertising media are highly resistant to mechanical influences, atmospheric precipitation and temperature drops. Therefore, there are no problems in operation. Light box – an innovative type of advertising, which is not limited to the time frame of the advertising campaign. Graphic installation companies in New York can offer you really unique solutions in this direction.

LED-technologies, firmly established in the production of light signage and outdoor advertising, are gradually being introduced into new areas. Now LED lighting has also come to museums. This was made possible thanks to new technical advances, because the quality of color rendering when using white LEDs often did not satisfy either the manufacturers of advertising structures, or their customers. For the first time, impressive results were achieved by Philips, which used solid-state light sources to solve the problem of illuminating a Rembrandt masterpiece.

LED external lighting created by Philips is a truly revolutionary step, allowing, finally, thanks to modern technology, to fully see and appreciate the power of talent of a brilliant painter and the artistic merits of his painting. The LEDs used in the new lighting system have a color rendering index of more than 90; due to this, it became possible to ensure absolutely adequate perception of colors and shades of any, even the most complex pictorial works by the viewer.

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