Tips for beginners on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


If you’ve started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you’ll need the website and lots of useful tips. With our tips you’ll have the opportunity to quickly learn how to get results from the game and achieve something really interesting in this direction.

Play with those who are better than you

The advantage of such matches can not be overestimated, because playing with more experienced players and suffering embarrassing losses, you learn faster. You will learn a lot and learn the tactics of the game, but be prepared for constant and crushing defeats.

Focus on the importance of weapons

By improving your game skills, you get to the next, higher level and notice that the same weapon is used here. Everybody knows which weapon is the most effective and useful in the average CS match: playing for terrorists, you have to master the AK-47, defending the honor of the Special Forces your choice falls on M4A4 or M4A1-S, but if you want to play one of the most important roles, namely to be a sniper (in a team of 5 or more players only one sniper), you buy AWP. Of course, you can also buy other weapons, but getting into a higher rank of the game, most often you will use only these weapons, for economic and practical reasons.

Decrease the sensitivity of the mouse

This sounds weird enough, but you’re sure to have more than enough sensitivity on your mouse. Most professionals use a value of 400 DPI and the slider on your mouse is set to 2.0. Let’s not say this is the right one for you, especially if you’re used to a higher speed mouse. It will take some time to get used to the new settings. But believe me, it is worth it. The sight will become clearer and faster.

Learn the position names on the map

Any place on a game card has the name which all players use to warn where the enemy is hidden. Usually these are stupid terms that mean absolutely not what you knew about them before, such as “generator” or “jungle” or “podium”. It will take a long time to learn all the names by heart, but it’s impossible to achieve an advantage on the map without communicating with your team, so try to learn a couple of them.

The economic component of CS

One of the most entertaining things that makes CS strategically interesting is how to make money. At the end of each match, no matter if it ended in a loss or victory, you get money; the winners have more money. Make sure that everyone in your team has enough money to buy uniforms and weapons before each round, because success in the competitive mode depends on it. Sometimes you have to tie your belt tighter and save when you have to go to the enemy with only guns, so that in the next round all members of your team have money for a “full purchase”. You don’t need to throw away money when the others are saving.

Learn to throw grenades properly

Most CS: GO maps have very convenient and really useful places to throw a smoke or flashbang grenade. You can’t just go out and throw the grenade, you risk getting shot in the forehead, but you can use the walls, pillars, boxes and boxes next to you to make the grenade bounce and hit right into the apple. There are a lot of videos on the Internet that will show you exactly where these places on the maps and teach you how to properly throw the smoke grenade to hit the target. Quick search on YouTube will find a whole bunch of similar videos for all maps. Download, turn on the training mode and start practicing the grenade spread.

You can also use this site if you want to make some changes in the game. It will help you to improve the game process.

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