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Decorating the walls is not the last role in decorating the house. People all over the world dream of warmth and comfort, everyone wants their home to be maximally adapted for rest and comfort. Wall decoration is an important detail in design work. Elements of decor in general determine the style of the room, which can be strict, classic, or vice versa interesting and mysterious.

Wall decoration in the apartment decorates the empty spaces, but may well perform useful functions, if you place watches, mirrors and similar items on them. Previously, the walls were decorated with wallpaper, tiles, wood, fabric, paints and even mirrors. All this takes time and money. Many of us work all day long and there is simply no possibility to devote time to decorating the interior. That is why it is not surprising that now the stickers have become so popular. 

Stickers on the walls are sold in finished form, they are very diverse and colorful. There’s already a layer of glue on the back. Decorating the walls of the apartment with your own hands is also possible with stickers made by yourself. The same stencil and self-adhesive vinyl are used. The drawing is circled and the figures are cut out, after which they only need to be glued to the wall. The most interesting thing is that the stickers for interior walls can be three-dimensional. For example, the image of a window or flowers, plant and animalistic elements. Now more and more interested in 3D stickers in the form of butterflies, which can easily revive any room. The volumetric effect and variety of bright colors gives a big advantage of 3D wall stickers.

If you don’t want to put old-fashioned wallpaper on the walls and you are tired of bricklaying the walls, cover the walls with light paint and make a couple of inspiring inscriptions or drawings on them. Collages of drawn or three-dimensional letters will look just as impressive. Text stickers bring style, direction and taste. Vinyl stickers in the form of letters, words and sentences are ideal for spacious and bright rooms. It is especially beautiful when the text is written in a foreign language and in an unusual font.

If you have a small room, you can choose a small size sticker. It will perfectly blend into your interior and add a cozy atmosphere. The main thing to consider is that when ordering a vinyl sticker you can choose a coating. Interior stickers are produced with a glossy and matt finish. Glossy coating gives luster and matte, on the contrary, does not give a reflection. Also, when you buy a sticker, you can ask to mirror the sticker, that is, if the picture looks to the right, you can order the picture to look left. This is very convenient, any vinyl sticker can be adapted to your interior and wishes.

Repair is always hard, and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. But if you start with the design of the walls – you can consider that the case is left for little. After all, successful wall decoration, as well as the right decor can turn any, even the most boring interior, a real work of art.
Fortuna Visual Group shop offers you unusual and fast decoration of your interior at affordable prices! Wall decor is presented in the form of flowers, trees, houses and other compositions.  You can decorate your bedroom, children’s room, kitchen and bathroom with vinyl wall stickers. Let your imagination run wild, do not be afraid to experiment. It is the stickers that today allow you to transform a room without significant changes in interior design to unrecognizable. Any color, size, shape, and even the texture of the stickers make it possible to bring lightness, novelty and freshness to the interior.

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